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School Advisory Board


St. Dominic School is owned and operated by St. Dominic Parish. The school is established to carry out the teaching ministry of the Catholic Church. As such, the religious and educational work efforts shall at all times be in accordance with the teachings and laws of the Roman Catholic Church and the Archdiocese of New Orleans. 


The pastor has established a School Board as an "advisory board" to further the advancement of excellence in Catholic school education for students at St. Dominic School, by providing leadership, direction, and support. 


Introduction and Rationale

This Advisory Board shall have as its primary concern the ministry of Catholic school education: the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and social development of the students. The Advisory School Board operates under the guidance of the pastor. In collaboration with the principal and in confirmity with the policies of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, the Board shall concern itself with planning, marketing the school to the various communities, opertional vitality of the school, and policy issues pertaining to the general excellence of Catholic education at St. Dominic School. 


Board Members (2016-2017)

Jarred Trauth

Erin Rotolo

Michele Carollo

John Gerrets

Sharon Mayeux

Kelly Parenton

Doug Ruckman

Lori Smith 

Suzanne Templet

John Tobler 


August 2, Wednesday - Uniform Sale - 8am to 12pm - As an incentive to families going to the first on-site event, Schiro's will offer 15% off of the entire purchase. This is an extra savings for the families. In the past, there were no discounts at the on-site event.


August 15, Tuesday - First day of school.


October 2, Monday - Uniform Sale - 6pm to 8pm - The second on-site sale will offer only the polo at 15% off.


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