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2017 St. Dominic Spring Fair, "Cheers to Thirty Years"

A BIG THANK YOU!  We were blessed on Sunday!  With a predicted stormy evening, we were grateful for the wonderful, early turnout!  Our parents set up for the fair, worked at the fair, and had fun with their families spending time at the fair – all making the day a wonderful success!  We sincerely thank all school families, parishioners and friends of St. Dominic for a great spring fair!  


SUPER HELPERS!  So many kind people stayed after the fair to help us dismantle booths and put away tables, chairs, tarps, etc. on Sunday evening!  It was great to have all the tarps and booths put away.  To those of you who stayed to help after the fair was over, 


It was amazing to see how much work we could accomplish in just 55 minutes!  Many hands made light and quick work! You made our work on Monday much easier!  


MANY THANKS!  Many thanks, too, to the wonderful helpers who came Monday morning to put school back in order after the fair:  Mrs. Amy Burke, Colin Burke (4K) Brandon Burke (KT), Griffin Ellis (4K), Lily Ellis (6S), Mrs. Pam Falter (Special Events), Mrs. Caroline Goings, Grant Goings (4L), Mrs. Melissa Kernion, Morgan Kernion (5U), Blair Kernion (1M), Mrs. Charel Maheu, Catie Maheu (6D), Mrs. Lisa Nagy, (Caroline Nagy, 5U), and Mrs. Dawn Scurria, (Samantha, 6F)!  We greatly appreciated your helping hands!




Cake Contest Winners:   Congratulations to the winners of the cake contests!  The winner of the contest for the class bringing in the most cakes for the St. Dominic Spring Fair 2017 was Miss Kennedy’s (4K) class and they will enjoy a snoball party!  Winners of the cake decorating contest are as follows:  Third Place winner was Jude White (6S); Second Place winners were Claire Cannella (5S) and Valerie Cannella (7P); and First Place winners were Krystal Fernanes (5St) and Keenan Fernandes (KL)!  The cakes were all wonderful and it was hard to judge the best.  Congratulations to you all! 


Winner of the iPad:  Names of children of the families selling $150 in raffle tickets were put into a

drawing for an iPad. Of the sixty nine names in the drawing, the lucky winner was Colin Burke (4K)!


Big Raffle Winner:  The winner of the $3,500.00 grand prize was Dan Michael Crowley (2F), winner of

the $1,000.00 was Matthew Murret and the winner of $500.00 was Aggie Orr (2S)!  Congratulations!


Booth Decoration Contest:  Congratulations to the booth chairpersons with the best-decorated booths!  The Third Place prize for decorations went to the chicken nugget booth, “Back to the Future”: Mandy Catanzaro (Caden, 4C, and Luca, 2S) and Jennifer LaRose (Juliet, 2F, and Claire, 1P); Second Place went to the potato booth, A Star Spudded Afair”:  Julie Bonano (Rosalie, 1Ma) and Jenee’ Branigan (William, KP); and the First Place prize went to the grocery booth, “Ain’t Dere No More”:  Markel Holmes (Duris, 4L), Alex Kless (Lela, PKH) and Tori O’Hara (Camryn, PKH)!   What great-looking booths!  The contest was very difficult to judge because there were so many wonderful designs!


Confetti Egg Winners:  Many thanks to the families who donated eggshells to the Confetti Egg Booth!  The winner of the Confetti Egg Contest was Mrs. Latino’s (KL) class who collected 140 dozen eggs and they will enjoy a pizza and snoball party with our thanks!   Many thanks to Leslie Leaumont (Bronson, 3J, and Sydney, 2S), Alicia Generes (Samantha, 3J, and Gabrielle, 1P) and Shannon Sarrat (Thomas, 4C, Claire, 3W, and Andrew, PKH) for their time this year collecting, tallying and delivering the eggshells to St. Michael’s for filling with confetti!  We appreciate your time!


FINAL FAIR FLASH!  With the tremendous leadership and help from the following hard-working people, Amy Burke (Colin, 4K, and Brandon, KT), Caroline Goings (Ella, 6S, and Grant, 4L), Melissa Kernion (Morgan, 5U, and Blair, 1M), F. J. Hebert (Lucy, 7P), Derrek Barfield ( Avery, 6F, and Sara, 4L),

Colleen Peterman (Timothy, 6S, and Putty, 3P), Charel Maheu (Catie, 6D), Lisa Nagy (Caroline, 6F), Dawn Scurria (Samantha, 7P), Brian Rotolo (Morgan, 6F, and Merrick, 7S), Brandie Borde (Emma, 5S, and Kyle, 7P), Michael Bergeron (Aiden, 1M, and Sarah, 4C), Chris Lopiccolo (Nicholas, 3P, and

Taylor, 1L), Becca Agent (Lila Jane, 2F, and McKay, PKL), Ann Brandner (Jacob, 1M, and Owen, 1L), Carrey Britsch (William, 2F, and Aubrey, KP) and Kristy Kelly (Brayden, 4L, and Evan, 1L) our fair was a great success!   Special thanks to DJ Pat Barbaro (Abby, 7P), Keith Chifici and his Deanie’s staff, and Anthony Rosevally (Nicholas, 4K) for the electrical set up!   Thank you very much!




PKA, PKH, PKL PKM 11:45am
KL, 1L, 2A, 3J


KLe, 1M, 2F, 3P  1:00pm
KP, 1Ma, 2H, 3W  1:30pm
KT, 1P, 2S  2:00pm
Mini-Dragon Cheerleaders  2:30pm
Little Dragon Cheerleaders  2:45pm
Junior Dragon Cheerleaders  3:00pm
4C, 4K, 4L  3:10pm
Beauty and the Beast Play Performance  3:30pm
5th Grade  3:40pm
Varsity Cheerleaders  4:30pm
6th Grade  4:40pm
7th Grade  5:00pm
Dragonettes  5:30pm
Beauty and the Beast Play Performance  6:30pm



August 2, Wednesday - Uniform Sale - 8am to 12pm - As an incentive to families going to the first on-site event, Schiro's will offer 15% off of the entire purchase. This is an extra savings for the families. In the past, there were no discounts at the on-site event.


August 15, Tuesday - First day of school.


October 2, Monday - Uniform Sale - 6pm to 8pm - The second on-site sale will offer only the polo at 15% off.


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