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Life of Saint Dominic

The Saint and the Students


  • St. Dominic is referred to as: the Light of the Church, Teacher of Truth, Rose of Patience, Ivory of Chastity, Dispenser of the Waters of Wisdom, and Preacher of Grace.
  • Our students: are taught to be a light for others, are molded to speak the truth to others, and are encouraged to practice patience with others.

  • The inspiration of the Holy Spirit led Dominic to found the Order of Preachers (O.P.)
  • Our students: know the power of the Holy Spirit, and that the third person of the blessed Trinity is who God sent for his disciples to assist them in times of doubt and fear.

  • As a young man, Dominic studied sacred scripture and theology while leading a prayerful life. This led Dominic to rapidly progress in the religious atmosphere. He had a zeal for the gospel and a hunger for the salvation of men.
  • Our students: are educated in theology and hear from Sacred Scripture daily. The school day begins and ends with prayer, and prayer is said throughout the day during various classes. Students attend Mass during the school week. One can sense the love of Jesus by simply walking through the halls of the school. Our students progress religiously as members of the Catholic faith because of the practices instilled in and examples presented to them at St. Dominic School.

  • Dominic contributed much to the variety of the Church by combining the liturgical and monastic life with the apostolic work of preacher and teacher.
  • Our students: are provided with teachers who live and practice the Catholic faith both inside and outside the walls of the school.

  • Dominic is described by those who knew him as a gentle, smiling man who was deeply concerned with the spiritual well-being of others.
  • Our students: are taught gentleness, humility, and kindness and learn the importance of always putting others before themselves. 



St. Dominic Coloring Pages and Word Search

Saint Dominic Coloring Page
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Saint Dominic Coloring Page 2
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Saint Dominic Word Search
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August 2, Wednesday - Uniform Sale - 8am to 12pm - As an incentive to families going to the first on-site event, Schiro's will offer 15% off of the entire purchase. This is an extra savings for the families. In the past, there were no discounts at the on-site event.


August 15, Tuesday - First day of school.


October 2, Monday - Uniform Sale - 6pm to 8pm - The second on-site sale will offer only the polo at 15% off.


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