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St. Dominic School | 6326 Memphis Street | New Orleans, LA 70124  | P: 504.482.4123  | F: 504.486.3870 | 

Upper School Faculty

Mrs. Jeanette Palmer

Mrs. Theresa Saacks

Mrs. Jennifer Demarest

Mrs. Emma Fiorella

Miss Erin   Streva

Miss Emily Culotta




Class of 2005

Mrs. Christina Schlaudecker

Mrs. Karen Strom

Mrs. Jeune    Ural

5th Grade



Class of 1993

Parent of

Camille - 2nd Grade

Luke - PreK

Miss Michelle Centanni

Miss Kelly Kennedy

Mrs. Shelley Labruzzo


August 2, Wednesday - Uniform Sale - 8am to 12pm - As an incentive to families going to the first on-site event, Schiro's will offer 15% off of the entire purchase. This is an extra savings for the families. In the past, there were no discounts at the on-site event.


August 15, Tuesday - First day of school.


October 2, Monday - Uniform Sale - 6pm to 8pm - The second on-site sale will offer only the polo at 15% off.


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