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Admission Requirements


"Parochial schools of the archdiocese are open to all children regardless of religion, race, or ethnic background; but prior preference should be given to children of the Roman Catholic religion.


Reasonable effort should be made to provide Catholic children with a Catholic education.  Parish school boards should make a strong effort to provide a Catholic education for a child whose parents are unable to pay full tuition.  


Each parish is responsible to determine its own admission priorities as long as these priorities are in accord with this Archdiocesan Handbook of Policies.  In those cases in which physical limitations make it necessary to restrict the in-take of students in a given school, priority shall be given to students of Catholic parents residing in the parish and who have demonstrated support of Catholic education in the past. Another priority to be considered in the admission process is for siblings of current students."


Having the idea of a Catholic education for every Catholic child always before us, it is still necessary to recognize that the limitations of physical space, finances, the needs of the individual, the needs of the group, the ability of the teachers, and the structure of the educational program will mean that decisions must be made regarding the admission of students into St. Dominic School.  Neither race nor national origin is to prevent a student from being accepted into this school. 


The following specifics are provided to assist the Principal in making such decisions:


  1. The maximum enrollment of St. Dominic School shall not exceed:


24 per class in grades K-3


27 per class in grades 4-7


NOTE:  Any variation of numbers will be approved by the Principal, the Pastor, and the School Board.


2.   The Order of Acceptance of Students:


      a.  Members of families with students presently enrolled in St. Dominic School

      b.  Registered members of St. Dominic Parish who reside within the geographical

           boundaries of the parish

      c.  Registered members of St. Dominic Parish who reside outside the geographical

           boundaries of the parish

      d.  Catholics and non-Catholics from other parishes, who must follow the guidelines

           of the Archdiocese



3.    Transfer Students:


       The Archdiocesan policy will be followed in all cases of transfer students.


       a.   Pastors may accept the registration of someone not a parishioner but then must notify the pastor of the proper territorial parish.

  1. Acceptance of school or other CCD program registration of non-registered persons is left to the pastoral judgment of the receiving pastor after having consulted the territorial pastor.
  2. In the case of a student transferring from another archdiocesan Catholic school, the principal should investigate the status (academic, financial, and discipline) of the student by conferring with the previous principal.






Care must be taken when considering the admission of a transfer student into St. Dominic School.  The needs of the individual seeking the transfer must be considered.  The satisfaction of those needs must be attainable within the academic, philosophical, and physical and spiritual offerings of the school.  Conversely, the influence of the transfer student on the other students of St. Dominic must be considered.


  • A transfer student from another Catholic school must have a "C" or above average in Religion on the current report card.
  • A transfer student from a public or private school must present evidence of regular attendance as well as average or above average performance in the parish religious education program.
  • The conduct or behavior grades on the current report card shall be average or above.
  • A copy of the current report card and transcript of all school records from schools previously attended must be submitted.
  • The student and a parent or guardian shall be interviewed by the Principal.


Because the repeated changing of schools is often a negative experience for children, the Principal must approve each case of transfer back to St. Dominic School.  Particular attention must be paid to prevent students from leaving St. Dominic School when in danger of failing one year and returning to the next grade the following year.







KINDERGARTEN – A child entering kindergarten must be five years of age by September 30 of that   school year.  No exceptions will be made.


FIRST GRADE – Students must be six years of age by September 30 of that school year.  No exceptions will be made.





Students enrolling in St. Dominic for the first time must present a copy of their (1) Birth Certificate, (2) Baptismal Certificate (Catholic only), (3) Immunization Record, (4) All report cards of previous years, (5) Current report card, and (6) Date of First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation (if appropriate).





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