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Computer Technology

The computer technology curriculum seeks to provide and integrate technology with classroom learning. Providing differentiated opportunities for children at their academic level. Kindergarten-second grade use research-driven online programs to increase literacy and math skills. Beginning in the third grade, students are introduced to career driven computer literacy skills (internet safety, keyboarding, word processing, powerpoint, spreadsheets, etc.).

Cross-curricular projects are integrated throughout the school year to align with the curriculum at each grade level.  Project-based learning increases in complexity as the student progress from grade three to grade seven.

Technology is additionally used as a tool to ensure strong parent communication. Our website is updated daily and provides a parent portal where all-important information is kept. Including: secure access to grades, attendance, assessment scores, teacher/administrator contact information, important weekly news, etc.


Visual, Musical and Performing Arts

The visual, musical and performing arts curriculum is aligned to our holistic teaching approach and incorporates musical eras and art movement history, math and problem solving.  Student work is showcased on the stage and through visual displays throughout the school year.  The arts curriculum focuses on encouraging the creative process through different mediums and providing an opportunity for all of our students to feel successful.   

Music instruction is offered to students through classroom instruction, as well as through choir and band activities.  The musical program includes performances for Archdiocesan and St. Dominic mass celebrations and community performances at area markets and hotels during the Christmas season.


The school hosts numerous concerts and art showcases for the enjoyment of the students', families and the community.  The students learn to appreciate different cultures by their exposure to the arts and history of other countries.  The arts program at St. Dominic School allows for the students to develop problem-solving skills and an appreciation for creative arts that will last a lifetime.


Spanish Language Instruction

The Spanish language curriculum at St. Dominic School uses various media to expose students to new vocabulary and language skills.  Students deepen their knowledge and appreciation of Hispanic culture through music, art, and play.  In the primary grades, math and language arts skills such as number sense and letter-sound correlation are introduced through project-based learning.  Middle school students develop understanding of grammar rules and sentence structure as well as basic conversation skills.  Students use technology to research various Hispanic cultures in order to broaden their understanding of the world in which they live.  Through collaboration with peers, students gain confidence in communicating in a second language.


Physical Education

The physical education curriculum focuses on nutrition, the value of being physically active, and the development of athletic skills through team sports.  In the primary grades, students are motivated to develop core muscles and healthy eating habits.  Locomotion skills and hand-eye coordination are emphasized by activities that reinforce classroom learning by using colors, numbers, and sight words.

In the middle grades, team sports are introduced with an emphasis on rules and good sportsmanship.  Additionally, involvement in the Presidential Physical Fitness Program by the middle school students encourages them to develop core strength, stamina, and flexibility.


Library Skills

The St. Dominic School library offers a curriculum encompassing age-appropriate literacy materials and activities for grades Pre-K through seven.  The collection contains over 12,000 items.  Audio-visual materials make up 1,900 of that number.  Pre-K through second-grade students participate creative in storytelling and interactive interpretation of books.  Students learn to appreciate a variety of children's literature.  The library program for grades three through seven involves the study of various reference books and current research methodology.  Daily use of the thirteen computer work stations allows students to be eco-friendly and supplement print resources.

In all grades, instruction is built on progressive study of library organization and use.  Not only does the library reinforce what is taught in the classroom, it empowers students with the skills to use both traditional and computer-based information sources.




August 2, Wednesday - Uniform Sale - 8am to 12pm - As an incentive to families going to the first on-site event, Schiro's will offer 15% off of the entire purchase. This is an extra savings for the families. In the past, there were no discounts at the on-site event.


August 15, Tuesday - First day of school.


October 2, Monday - Uniform Sale - 6pm to 8pm - The second on-site sale will offer only the polo at 15% off.


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